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concertina sliding folding partitions4 types of concertina folding partitions

Beehive Partitions offer four types of Fabric sliding folding partition all manufactured in the UK. Each has a different average effective sound reduction (RwdB). The fabric is strong, durable, light fast, class '1' and '0' to BS 476 flame spread. The material utilises water based inks and is fully washable, mildew and mould resistant.

concertina sliding folding partitionsApplication

For those looking for an economic means of dividing rooms to create more usable space, the range of concertina folding partitions from Beehive Partitions provides the answer. These concertina folding partitions are a versatile way of arranging meeting rooms and work spaces, and also are ideal for schools, nurseries, hospitals, leisure centres and village halls.

concertina sliding folding partitionsAlthough they are the lowest cost folding partitions these fabric partitions are nevertheless made to a high specification. The surface material is robust, and covers an internal pantograph frame that runs on a heavy duty aluminium track. With the top hung system the floor is therefore left a totally uninterupted surface and the partition arrangements can be either single , double or any combination of two-way, three-way or four-way layouts. The partitions can also be curved to a 1-metre radius.



Designed generally for top track hanging, concertina folding partitions are easy and smooth to open and close, there is no visible interruption of the floor area.
The partitions consist of an internal framework of electro-galvanized 6mm steel rods, steel hinges at 1m centres and leading/trailing edge steel U-channels. Internal framework is covered with heavy duty vinyl coated fabric with external SA aluminium male/female edge profiles complete with foam rubber seals.
Fabric wall covering gives an early fire warning by reacting to heat and releasing a vapour which will set off an ionisation type smoke detector. The wall covering is also fully washable and contains antimicrobials to protect against mildew, mould fungi and bacteria.
Our standard cladding material achieves Class 0 and Class 1 when tested to BS 476 Parts 6 & 7.

Colours and finishes

Available in a wide range of up to date colours from leading wall covering manufacturers, Muraspec. There are 24 standard colours from stock and special colours are available to order. These concertina folding partitions can be differing colours on each side.

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